Previous Awardees

1) Stuart A. Rice Merit Award for Career Achievements
2017 Dr. Jose Casanova, Georgetown University

2) Irene B. Taeuber Graduate Student Paper Award

PhD Paper Award:
Winner: Brittany Dernberger, University of Maryland, College Park, “The Tied Migrant Employment Penalty: Public Perceptions of Military Spouses Seeking Work”

MA Paper Award:
Winner: Christian Rafael Suero, George Mason University, “College Internships and the Pathway to (In)Equality: A Study of First-Generation College Student’s Well-being During Internship Placements”

PhD Paper Award:
Winner: Crosby Hipes, University of Maryland, College Park, "Why Does Employment Discrimination Persist against People with Mental Illness: The Roles of Stereotypes, Gender, and Power"

MA Paper Award:
Winner: Daniel Toulson, Catholic University, “Sporting Participation and Interpersonal Trust”

PhD Paper Award:
Winner: Zach Richer, University of Maryland, College Park "Toward a Social Topography: Status as a Spatial Practice"

MA Paper Award:
Winner: Carmen Navarro, George Washington University, "Displacement, Stigma, and Deforestation: The Environmental Destruction of the Rainforest through Development, Progress, and Modernity upon the Brazilian Amazon through Standpoint Theory" 

PhD Paper Award:
Winner: Shengwei Sun, University of Maryland, College Park, “Reprivatized Womanhood: Changes in Media’s Framing of Women’s Issues in China, 1995 to 2012″
Professor: Dr. Feinian Chen

MA Paper Award:
Winner: Ahmed Alowfi, American University, “Linking ‘Frame’ to Discourse: The Discursive Configuration of Migrant Worker’s Presence in Saudi Arabia”
Professor: Dr. Randa Bassem Serhan

PhD Paper Awards:
Winner: Mark Gross, University of Maryland – College Park, “Vigilante Violence and ‘Forward Panic’ in Johannesburg’s Townships”
*Honorable Mention: Kathleen E. Denny, University of Maryland – College Park, “Privileging the Privileged: Evaluations of Fathers in the Professional Workplace by Level of Involvement with Children and Race”

MA Paper Awards:
Winner: Erik Kojola, American University, “Class, Power, and Ideology in Media Coverage of the Keystone XL Pipeline”
Honorable Mention: Allison Suppan Helmuth, George Washington University, “Producing Spatial Networks of Exclusion: Parallel Parking in Bloomingdale”

PhD Paper Award:
Winner: Sara B. Moore, George Mason University, "Constructing and Contesting Alternative Knowledge: Midwivery, Gender, and the Struggle for Professional Legitimacy"

MA Paper Award:
Winner: Elise Webb, Catholic University, "European Attititudes toward Romani People: Changes between 1999 and 2008"

3) The Morris Rosenberg Award

2017 Dr. John Curtis, Consulting Research