Become a DCSS Reporter!

Become a Reporter for our magazine The Sociologist. Graduate students in sociology in the greater DC area are invited to become DCSS Reporters. DCSS Reporters go out in the greater DC area and investigate what sociologists are doing in DC and what the urgent sociological topics are in DC.

You can apply to be a DCSS Reporter for a semester at a time. Just send us your c.v. and propose one article on either:

A) what sociologists are doing in DC (reporting on a sociologist or a group of sociologists working in, for example, the Census or in a for-profit company or wherever), or

B) a topic of great concern or interest in DC right now that should studied sociologically and generally isn’t (such as inequality
or race or globalization). You could discuss how sociologists might study it or have studied it.

You can write the article as an essay or as an interview.

You can include photos. The articles should be 250-750 words. You can write more than one article if you wish, but you have to submit one article each semester to continue being a DCSS Reporter. Please use ASA style in all articles.

Submit your application or send questions to Yoku Shaw-Taylor, editor of The

The Sociologist

The Sociologist is the mouthpiece of DCSS. The Sociologist began as a newsletter for members of DCSS. Beginning in 2014, we transformed the newsletter into a periodic magazine of public sociology for a general audience.

The Sociologist is an open-access publication and is supported by DCSS. Our aim is to continue to foster our project as a meeting place for all sociologists in the Washington, D.C. area.

Our team members are all volunteers, including editor, Yoku Shaw-Taylor and DCSS reporters who are graduate students. We are constantly looking for student reporters and writers to bring sociology to our public readers.

The Sociologist is issued periodically to coincide with our public events. Send us the sociology of your neighborhood, where you learn and work, or your playground.